You’re Invited to “Keeping Manitoba Liquid”

Please join us on October 4, 2017 at the Viscount Gort Hotel in Winnipeg, Manitoba for an exciting breakfast meeting with some on Canada’s top practitioners in measuring and managing our natural assets.

Leaders across Manitoba are seeking new solutions to maintain and build the critical infrastructure required to deliver core community services while simultaneously protecting and maintaining the health of our natural assets.

Flooding, drought, declining water quality, invasive species as well as extreme weather events all currently threaten expensive infrastructure, strain service delivery, impact property values, interrupt supply chains and affect commodity prices. Combined with growing populations, land intensification and the fact that 1/3 of all Manitoba infrastructure already needs upgrading or replacement, the result is an ever-increasing toll on already stretched operating budgets.

Today, elected officials and senior decision-makers from all levels of government, business and industry are faced with tough choices. Often, these choices are based upon the traditional cost-benefit analysis framework that does not value or consider the way natural assets can support engineered infrastructure or service delivery.

Now, there is a growing suite of strategies to help measure, value and manage the services provided by natural assets, and integrate this into core financial, operating and asset management programs.

Although this is a jurisdictionally complicated and challenging problem, the Mayors and Reeves from the Winnipeg Region and the South Basin of Lake Winnipeg, along with invited participants, will spend the day with experts to grapple with the concepts and develop a blueprint that will inform the next steps necessary in creating a framework to enhance decision-making and support sustainable investment and service delivery in the region.

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