WISE Kid-Netic Energy Free Workshops

Good afternoon everyone,

WISE Kid-Netic Energy has some exciting news to share, and it means FREE workshops for your schools! Please spread the word.

On Monday January 22, the federal government announced who will be receiving funding from their new CanCode program. Actua, whom we’re a network member of, received $10 million. We will be receiving a portion of this to deliver coding/programming, computational thinking and digital literacy programming for free.

This means we are currently able to deliver the following workshops free of charge:

Codemakers                                      Gr. 4-8                  1.5 hrs long         Learn the basics of coding while playing with Dash robots controlled by tablets. This workshop introduces students to logic, and drag and drop programming.

Codemakers Jr.                                 Gr. 1-3                  1 hr                        This workshop introduces students to the basics of coding through unplugged kinesthetic activities and a programmable mouse game.

Electricity 1: Snap to It!                 Gr. 6 & 9               1 hr                        This workshop covers curricular outcomes in Grade 6 & 9. Students will build and compare series and parallel circuits using Snap Circuits. They will also learn about the parallels between electrical circuits and programming.

Electricity 2: Solder Shop             Gr. 9                      1.5 hrs                   Learn about resistors, capacitors, transistors, and other electrical components while soldering a printed circuit board. Students will also learn about the parallels between electrical circuits and programming. This workshop covers curriculum in Grade 9.

Optics                                                   Gr. 4 & 8               1 hr                        Students will get to dissect a pig’s eye and will also discover how optical sensors work while playing with Ozobots. Grade 4 & 8 curricular outcomes are covered in this workshop. (Note: our Ozobots are scheduled to arrive next week, so this workshop will actually not be available for another couple more weeks. Please feel free to make future bookings.)

The Science of Sound                    Gr. 4                      1 hr                        Discover how sound travels and how we hear it through activities such as building a gramophone using littleBits and simulating sound with dominoes. Through the
littleBits students will  learn about the parallels between electrical circuits and programming.

We still ask that schools book a minimum of two workshops per trip. They can both be free, or it can be a combination of free along with the other workshops we offer. Please find our workshop catalogue attached. (Note: Codemakers Junior isn’t in this year’s catalogue, but you are still able to book it.)

To book please visit http://www.wisekidneticenergy.ca/workshop-requests/ . Or if you prefer, you’re also welcome to email or call our Office Assistant Leah Goertzen at wise@umanitoba.ca or 204-474-9340.

And of course all of our workshops are also available in French!
Here’s to making our youth into innovators!

The WISE Kid-Netic Energy Team

Jill Lautenschlager, BEd

Program Administrator