The Manitoba Museum Wants You to be Prepared for the Solar Eclipse on August 21


Winnipeg, MB (July 11, 2017): On Monday, August 21, 2017, the sun and moon will align in the daytime sky, creating a rare celestial sight: a solar eclipse. Manitobans can see a partial eclipse, but to view the event safely you need to prepare. The Manitoba Museum’s Planetarium has created a special planetarium show and will host a live eclipse viewing session to celebrate the event.

The Manitoba Museum’s new Planetarium, Chasing the Shadow, celebrates the science, history, and cultural impacts of eclipses; and demonstrates how to observe the eclipse safely. Solar eclipse glasses are available for sale through the Museum Shop for $3 a pair (while supplies last). On eclipse day, the Museum will host a live Eclipse Viewing Party in partnership with the Winnipeg Centre of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. Solar telescopes will be available to safely view the partial eclipse, and live views of the total eclipse will be televised from the centerline of the eclipse’s path with commentary by Planetarium astronomer, Scott Young.

From Winnipeg, the sun will be 70% eclipsed. Farther north, the moon will cover less of the sun, with only about half of the sun being covered from Churchill, Manitoba (see attached data sheet for information on the eclipse as seen from different locations in Manitoba.) For observers in a narrow path from Oregon to South Carolina, the entire sun will be blocked by the moon, creating one of nature’s most amazing events, a total solar eclipse. Visible for only a few minutes at most, this event is expected to attract millions of viewers who travel to the centerline to witness the first total eclipse easily accessible to North Americans since 1991. Planetarium staff will be present at the centerline and will provide live commentary during the eclipse.

Schedule of Events

Chasing the Shadow planetarium show – daily at 1 pm and 4 pm all summer
Audiences will discover how and why eclipses occur, and explore the effect that eclipses have had on our society and our scientific understanding of the solar system . Visitors will learn how, when, and where to safely view the August 21 partial eclipse from Manitoba, and see a recreation of the total eclipse as seen from the central United States.

Eclipse Glasses – available for only $3 a pair from the Museum Shop (while supplies last)
These eclipse glasses are certified safe for solar viewing, during an eclipse or any other time.

LIVE Eclipse Viewing Party on the Museum Plaza beside the Planetarium dome – Monday, August 21 from 11:30 2:30 pm
Safe solar telescopes will be set up around the Planetarium dome to observe the partial eclipse, in partnership with the Winnipeg Centre of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. A live feed from the centerline will also show the total eclipse live, with commentary by planetarium astronomer Scott Young (totality will occur near noon Manitoba time). In the event of heavy cloud or rain, the event will move to the Museum’s auditorium on the lower level, with live feeds of the eclipse from a site where skies are clear.)