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Alerting all teachers: There’s a new interactive opportunity for teachers and students alike to learn about climate change. Starting Monday, September 22, come join the conversation at #ClimateDoorstep!

The Daily Climate, a nonprofit online news source, will launch a new interactive, online community to significantly expand its coverage of climate change impacts that are occurring right now in readers’ own backyards.

The “Climate at Your Doorstep” project connects readers directly with leading climate change experts through social media to share information on this complex topic.  A panel of distinguished scientists and experts specializing in climate change will monitor the hashtag #ClimateDoorstep and other Daily Climate social media channels. The scientists will directly respond to readers’ questions, photos, and videos about environmental changes they may be experiencing in their own communities.

Experts include:

  • Michael Mann, Penn State University
  • Katharine Hayhoe, Texas Tech University
  • Gail Whiteman, Erasmus University
  • Sarah Souther, West Virginia Wesleyan College
  • Tom Lovejoy, George Mason University and the United Nations Foundation
  • Michael Oppenheimer, Princeton University
  • Marshall Shepherd, University of Georgia

Come join the conversation and help us spread the word!


Twitter: @TheDailyClimate

Hashtag: #ClimateDoorstep


Suggested tweets:

#Climatedoorstep: It’s a simple experiment in science and journalism. Help prove that it works.

#Climatedoorstep: Where everyone – journalists, scientists, the public – can interact about climate change.

To see stories on how climate change is affecting us all here and now take a look at the #climatedoorstep page.

Get your questions answered at #ClimateDoorstep starting Monday. See you there!–

Jo Knight
Consultant for The Daily Climate

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