Subject: Excellent Opportunities for Students and Educators! Let’s Talk Science 2018

Hello Educators!

We hope everybody has had a lovely holiday! The Let’s Talk Science outreach program is once again starting up for the winter season and we are planning some exciting events!
We have two new workshops that may be of interest:
Transportation and the Environment – Grades 10-12
In this workshop, students examine current and potential energy sources used for transportation. Students will test fuel cell cars, wind-powered cars and explore the various types of fuels used in transportation. Discussions will encourage critical thinking around this topic in connection to sustainability in everyday travel.
Driving Towards the Future – Grades 4-9
Students will learn about the current topic of self-driving cars and use it as a platform to learn about the big ideas behind computational thinking – how to break down a problem into steps and how to create a process that can be followed to reach a goal. As they “program” a car through different levels involving parking, loops and curves, the will take on the role of the programmer, and the computer that executes the program **No computers needed!**
If you would like to book a workshop, please email us! Bookings come on a first come – first serve basis! All workshops offered can be found here.
For educators who are interested in participating in Girls in Science Day, this day is geared towards Grade 8 students who participate in science activities in a University setting, listen to keynote speakers and discuss career paths with professionals in various fields! Our goal through this day is to inspire students to pursue science in a high school environment when science becomes an elective. This day will be on Wednesday, April 25th on the University of Manitoba Fort Garry Campus and registration is now open! If you would like more information, please look on our website!
There is still a few spots open for our Annual Let’s Talk Science Challenge (LTSC). The Let’s Talk Science Challenge is an all-day ‘challenge’ for grade 6-8 students, where they participate in a “Jeopardy!” and Cash Cab fusion quiz show where the host will ask questions from a handbook that students receive. This all day competition also includes a special design challenge, where students will be given a set of materials to build something special in a certain period of time. The Let’s Talk Science Challenge will be happening on Monday, April 30th, 2018. If you would like to register a team, please do so here!
For more on-campus events, we have lots of information on our website!
Thank you,
Let’s Talk Science Coordinating Team 2017-2018
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