Spring Break @ the Manitoba Museum

Have BIG FUN exploring the SCIENCE OF THE SMALL with your family. Spring Break activities feature the little things that inspire big curiosity.

Museum Galleries: Go on a Scavenger Hunt. Play Around with Toys & Games. Enjoy Hands-on Activities and Crafts.Take a break and watch some classic Pint-Sized Hero Movies

Planetarium: Explore the new worlds with our new show: Planet Hunters. In other shows, you can learn about of minuscule cells, look at our solar system through the eyes of an alien family, and examine our planet.

Science Gallery: Zoom in on a whole new teeny world with microscopes.Build and test a race car replica. Experiment with miniature cars on the gravity track. Learn how small actions can lead to big solutions for saving Lake Winnipeg.

The Science of the Small

Explore Science Zone
Weekends, Holidays & Every Day for Spring Break

Discover how microscopes allow us to zoom in on a whole new world around us. Examine everyday items and learn how microscopes work with hands-on activities.

Engineered for Speed

Visit the Engineered for Speed race track and create your own slot car or try your skills on the gravity track with loops and jumps. You can even climb into a real race car from Red River Co-op Speedway.

NEW Planetarium Show

Planet Hunters

opens March 24

Explore the new worlds being discovered by modern astronomy and learn the science behind the detection of over 1,000 new planets, including “hot Jupiters,” icy planets, and ocean worlds that might harbor the building blocks of life.

Spring Break activities are included with paid admission to each Museum Area.
Members get to participate for FREE!