Skype a Scientist

I’m a squid biologist at the University of Connecticut and I’m currently organizing a global science outreach program. The program is called Skype a Scientist and it connects classrooms around the world with scientists for 30-60 minute video chat sessions for free. The program is totally volunteer based and free for any group with an internet connection. I was hoping you should share the program with your community. We operate on a $0 budget and are trying to expand to include library groups, community centers, book clubs, etc, as long as there are 7 people in the group. The program has been extremely successful with classrooms- we signed up 4000 classrooms in the fall and teachers raved about their experiences.

My program has been featured on Science Friday ( and the UConn magazine (

The website to sign up is I’d really appreciate you helping get the word out. The work you guys are doing is really important and I think this program is in line with your goals! Thank you!


Sarah McAnulty
Ph.D. Candidate
Department of Molecular and Cell Biology
University of Connecticut