Science Activities from Flinn Scientific

Complement your lesson plan with three timely science activity write-ups described below from Flinn Scientific Canada:

Chem Fax! “Mapping Atomic Structure”
How big would an atom be if the nucleus were as big as a basketball? Your students can draw scale models of the giant-size atom.

Bio Fax! “Make a DNA Model”
DNA is considered the molecular “blueprint” which the body uses for creating new proteins. Construct a simple DNA model using common household items.

Physical Science Fax! “Centre of Gravity Toss”
Isaac Newton would love this! Just toss an irregularly shaped sheet of foam or cardboard into the air to create visual proof that an object will rotate about its centre of mass.

We encourage you to forward these monthly e-mails to your fellow science teachers, including first-year teachers, who may not receive them.

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