To promote and support the development of science education for teachers and students of Manitoba.


1. To promote leadership in science education.

  • to be an umbrella group for other science organizations
  • to work with local, national, and international science organizations
  • to prepare science educators for changes in science and technology

2. To develop and support a wide range of professional development
opportunities for Manitoba educators.

  • to provide and support workshops on a variety of topics
  • to produce a major interdisciplinary inservice day for science educators

3. To be proactive in curriculum development and review.

  • to review new curriculum materials
  • to make recommendations on curricular issues as necessary

4. To communicate with science educators and science related organizations.

  • to link with other professional bodies and organizations
  • to communicate directly with STAM members

5. To support science education through awards and grants.

  • to administer the “Science Teacher of the Year Award”
  • to administer the Canada Wide Science Foundation for science activities of Manitoba students