Learning for a Sustainable Future

Learning for a Sustainable Future (LSF) is a national charity that was created to integrate sustainability education into Canada’s education system. The Resources for Rethinking (R4R.ca) database includes over 900 classroom resources (600 English resources and 300 in French). All of these resources have been reviewed by teachers, and meet rigorous sustainability and pedagogical criteria.

These resources hail from over 250 organizations, and are all linked to the curriculum of each province and territory in Canada. You can search these resources by grade (K-12), subject, curriculum unit, sustainability theme, and language! The R4R resources can be used to support teachers in meeting curriculum expectations while undertaking an action project! (see below for Action Project funding information).

Children’s Literature is now on R4R.ca!

We are excited to announce our latest addition to the R4R.ca site, our section on Children’s Literature.  Now, visitors to the website can search for sustainability-themed children’s literature by subject, grade or theme.  These books offer teachers an engaging way to introduce their students to a new topic, issue or unit.

Step Outside

Step Outside – Your Guide to Nature’s Events is published 2-3 times per month and is a compilation of seasonal happenings that can be used to bring nature into your classroom.  These guides detail specific flora, fauna and climate events as they occur in nature. Each guide is available on the R4R website as the seasons progress.  You can also receive email notices of the latest Step Outside publications by signing up on the website.

Action Project Funding

LSF also offers action project funding through EcoLeague and Project FLOW.  Through these programs, students and teachers design and implement a school/community-based Action Project to address a local sustainability issue.

Schools are eligible for up to $400 of EcoLeague funding, and up to $500 of Project FLOW funding to carry out their Action Projects. Comprehensive Water Action Projects  qualify for up to $3000 in funding for projects involving multiple schools. Please find more information on these programs, including information on how to apply for funding at: http://r4r.ca/en/funding.


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