Join Us at the Museum as We Explore the Stars

Join Us as We Explore the Stars

There have been a lot of exciting astronomical events filling our news feeds lately. From total solar eclipses to meteoric fireballs to the upcoming “super blue blood Moon”, people are getting excited about the night sky. But what can you actually see versus what’s just hype? If you’ve wondered what causes these events and how you can see them better, then we’ve got two adult-level classes just for you!

Eyes to the Skies

Tuesday evenings from Jan 23 – Feb 13 • 7 – 9:30 pm

Having trouble telling Orion’s belt from Cassiopeia’s throne? Does looking at the night sky cause you to scratch your head in wonder? Then we have the answer for you! Join us for our four-evening adult program on the basics of astronomy and navigating the night sky. Eyes to the Skies will take participants on an in-depth tour of our night sky including constellations, planets, the Moon and much, much more. No previous knowledge of astronomy needed!Using images and video, hands-on demonstrations, handouts and the unique Digistar 5® technology of the Planetarium Star Theatre, even the most beginner of stargazers will be able to navigate the night sky like a pro by the end of this course.

How to Use Your New Telescope

Jan 20 • 1 – 4 pm

Learn how to use your telescope, whether it’s a new holiday gift or one you’ve had for years. This hands-on workshop will demonstrate the basics of telescope set-up, use, and maintenance, and provide time for some one-on-one demonstration using your own telescope.

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