Introducing the Newest Activity Book

Attention all Teachers and Educators!

The team at has created a new Activity Book which includes over 30 brand new exciting science experiments and activities for all skill levels and age groups (elementary, intermediate, and secondary). The 5th edition showcases the diversity of science through activities in health, biology, environment, agriculture, meteorology, astronomy, engineering, the living world and much more.
The Activity Book 5, together with the previous editions, is free to download from All activities can be easily incorporated into classroom projects and will show students how science is present in our daily lives. The Activity Book helps make learning about science fun and interactive! is the official Government of Canada source for science and technology information. Our website offers an exciting approach to learning with Games, Videos, Ask a Scientist, and of course, our Activity Books. also functions as a portal, providing links to various other relevant programs and educational resources such as lesson plans and maps that encourage students to discover and explore the fascinating world of science.
We wish you a successful and educational semester.
The team