From the Tap: The Safe Drinking Water Foundation Newsletter Spring 2018

From the Executive Director’s Desk…
It is spring? It definitely does not feel like spring here in Saskatoon, unfortunately! However, in our office it is starting to feel like spring because all of the kit materials are arriving and we are busy assembling water testing kits.

We are very grateful for the funding we have received from various organizations. This funding will make it possible for us to send many sponsored water testing kits to schools this spring, to continue working towards our goal of sending 700 sponsored water testing kits to Canadian schools this school year and educating 30,000 Canadian students in a hands-on manner.

We are happy to announce the winner of our Student Action on Saskatoon Water Attitudes Competition and look forward to a ribbon-cutting ceremony where the water bottle filling stations will be unveiled!

I have really enjoyed visiting a couple of the local schools and presenting information about drinking water quality issues and solutions. One school let me teach a classroom of their grade five students for an entire afternoon! It was great to be back in the classroom for half a day! If you teach at a Saskatoon school feel free to invite me to present to your students. If you are a teacher elsewhere then feel free to e-mail or phone me and I will provide a webinar for your students (Skype, Google Hangout, webinar room, other options are available). The students can think of questions ahead of time and I can customize the presentation to what the students want to learn about water.

We look forward to sending many kits to schools this spring!

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