Farm & Food Discovery Centre – New Programming



Learners of all ages will enjoy visiting the Farm and Food Discovery Centre on a class field trip. Our interactive displays and windows into a working pig barn help students to develop an understanding of agricultural practices and an appreciation for the origins of their food.


School groups receive a free guided tour with the price of admission, providing a general overview of the centre and a background in Manitoba agriculture. Tours will be tailored to the age of the audience and the specific areas of interest/study.


Plan to spend the day at the Farm and Food Discovery Centre by adding a workshop to your field trip experience. Workshops are focused on student learning through hands-on activities and inquiry. Based on the Manitoba curriculum, our workshops challenge and delight students of all ages.
For school visits a lunch room is available for use free of charge when full-day workshops are booked in advance. The centre can accommodate 2 classes at a time from the same school (lunchroom holds approximately 50 students).

Teachers and parent volunteers are admitted free of charge and the centre requests 1 adult for every 4-5 students to assist student groups with hands-on activities (this ratio is for elementary aged students; fewer adult supervisors are  required for older student groups.)


Student rates- Admission $3.50 + GST               Workshops $3.50 +GST


Our four new school workshops provide a novel experience for students where they follow agricultural products from the farm to the table, learning about the production practices, science and cooking techniques that combine to create delicious food for all.


The World of Wheat– Learn about this staple crop by following the stages of wheat from planting to harvest. Understand the unique attributes of wheat that allow us to use it in so many different ways. Students will engage in hands-on learning through harvesting  and cleaning wheat, milling wheat to create flour, chewing wheat to stimulate gluten formation and baking bread. Working in small groups students choose how much white and whole wheat flour to use for their loaves, and we compare the final results using all of our senses while learning about the health benefits of whole grains.


Dairy Day– With a working dairy barn on site, this program begins with a dairy tour to build an understanding of how milk is produced and what is involved in agricultural biosecurity. (Please note- this workshop has an additional fee attached to it of $1.00 per participant to cover the cost of the plastic overboots that must be worn during the dairy tour as part of the farm’s biosecurity measures.) Students will have the opportunity to learn about various dairy products and how each are created, making butter and ice cream from raw materials.


The Science of Spuds– Follow the journey of the humble potato from the Manitoba farms to your table. Students will conduct experiments to determine how potatoes can best supply energy to power up electronic devices using wiring skills and ingenuity. They will learn about what potatoes require as a crop in order to grow successfully by matching the growing location of various potatoes to the soils found around Manitoba. Create tasty potato treats in the kitchen to wrap up the day.


Extraordinary Eggs– Investigate the science behind eggs in a full day workshop where students  learn about egg formation inside the hen, conduct eggs-periments to determine the age of the egg, perform CSI-style investigations to match the egg to the hen, separate and cook with eggs in the centre’s kitchens to create lofty treats.



April 2014- Food From the Land– An issues-based field trip specifically designed to bring the Grade 10 Social Studies curriculum to life for students learning about agricultural and geography in Manitoba


Summer 2014- Incredible Insects- Catch and investigate a wide range of insects that can be found in Manitoba, look closely at their mouths and methods of mobility to determine what their role is, and create model of  the ideal insect for agriculture

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