Energy Beyond Oil – Public Lecture

Michael Grätzel – (Switzerland)
Solar Cell Pioneer
Professor Michael Grätzel, Ph.D. Dr.h.c.mult.
École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
Public Lecture:   Energy Beyond Oil
Thursday, April 12 – 7:00 pm
Robert B. Schultz Theatre, University of Manitoba
Fort Garry Campus
All are welcome. Reception to follow.
Seating is limited. Arrive early. Doors open at 6:30 PM.
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Energy Beyond Oil
Perhaps the largest challenge for our global society is to find ways to replace the slowly, but inevitably vanishing fossil fuel supplies by renewable resources and at the same time avoid negative effects from the current energy system on climate, environment and health. The quality of human life depends to a large degree on the availability of clean energy sources. The worldwide power consumption is expected to double in the next three decades due to the increase in world population and the rising demand of energy in the developing countries. This implies enhanced depletion of fossil fuel reserves leading to further aggravation of the environmental pollution. As a consequence of dwindling resources a huge power supply gap of 15 terawatts, is expected to open up by year 2050 threatening to create a planetary emergency of gigantic dimensions. Solar energy is expected to play a crucial role as a future renewable energy source. The sun provides about 120’000 terawatts to the earth’s surface which amounts to six thousand times the present rate of the world’s energy consumption. However capturing solar energy and converting it to electricity or chemical fuels, such as hydrogen, at low cost and using abundantly available raw materials remains a challenge. Chemistry is expected to make pivotal contributions to identify environmentally friendly solutions to this energy problem. One approach of great promise is to exploit solar energy converters based on molecular dyes or perovskite pigments as light harvesting materials. The recent stunning progress in this area will be reviewed.

Seating is limited. Arrive early. Doors open at 6:30 PM.
For more information please contact: