Earth Day 2018 Campaign

Earth Day 2018 promises to help create more vibrant, playful, sustainable communities. This year’s theme, Consume Less, Play More, invites you to seize opportunities to conserve resources while cultivating in our children resilience, creativity and a love for nature by engaging them in spontaneous, unstructured, outdoor play.  Throughout April—Earth Month—Earth Day Canada is inviting you to support three key initiatives:

(1) Crowdfunding: 
Help us raise $25,000 so Canadian kids can experience EarthPLAY in 2018
Today, less than 20% of kids engage in outdoor free play during the course of the day — the kind of play that builds resilience, self-confidence, connection and a sense of well-being. With your help, Earth Day Canada has the potential to have a positive impact on the lives of Canadian children. Support our EarthPLAY programs to bring enriched and diverse outdoor play opportunities into our schools, parks, streets and community green spaces.
Last year, EarthPLAY supported outdoor free play for more than 14,000 kids.
Our goal for 2018 is 20,000 kids.

(2) Social Media Campaign: #PLAYmemory and #EarthDay2018
Show Mowgli how you play in Canada’s urban jungle…

Would you like to share your story about an enjoyable or exhilarating outdoor escapade? Mowgli would love to hear it! Tell Mowgli why it is memorable, what made it so much fun, or how it helped make you who you are today! Can you add a photo or video of yourself from the event? Even better! We will be sharing some vintage photos of our staff and their play memories. Just use these hashtags: #PLAYmemory and #EarthDay2018. Remember to tag us on Facebook and Twitter @EarthDayCanada.


(3) EarthPLAY Public Event for Earth Day 2018

earthplayExciting plans are taking shape at Earth Day Canada for a spectacular public celebration engaging parents and children across Toronto in recognizing and embracing the virtues and benefits of spontaneous, unstructured, outdoor play. Our plans for the day include everyone—you, your children, friends and neighbours, celebrities and civic-minded trailblazers of corporate Canada. Be sure to visit our website regularly as details of our plans unfold!

Sponsorship Opportunities