Dig into Soil Science!

FWA-CCbanner-DigItFriday, April 27
9:30AM to 3:30PM

This is a FREE opportunity for Grades 9-12 students.

Get digging into environmental science and agriculture at soil-focused learning stations featuring researchers and experts from Manitoba Agriculture, University of Manitoba, Nutrients for Life Foundation and more.

Visit 6 stations to get the dirt on…

Manitoba Soil Types –  Water-Soil Connections –
Nutrient Management –  Soil Entomology – and more

Registration opens March 16 at 9:00am.
Space is limited to 10 students per school.

Register before April 16, 2018.


Click to access our[ http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001_qA_Ab80w47UfktqPxfSZ0fRDkY3yVZSjOwD6t4DBHgDENGzpT7sXsmCDOOXV1DfOk-jvuK0Rn6L06kfp5jd6xYkfgn89xEKa4f450Pbz0U9h8VciGyW-3fgrEUiK-L_EpliGVdNe6V4HdusGHvS2VGqMTfpf98sdgsun1koXsny7Yf7xnukzZiy8D5kzs1c&c=xU6Jy_MhHEymvEA3kIZxLmuJTrvBM_UF8tQTnHxaKWjpSTVboAQrXQ==&ch=R9qKHbCEvctgpX0gnLeg8QQwiLjx0izOcEUSCMsw2LHWpGAnO4ew9w== ] Registration Form.


Contact Katrina, [ mailto:kfroese@fortwhyte.org ]kfroese@fortwhyte.org or
204-989-8355 x 203 for more details.