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Valentines Science Activities from FLINN

The love of science stems from the “heart.” Here are a few fun activities to consider! Investigating Heart Rate Students measure how heart rate is affected by physical activity.     Download Activity How to Make Rainbow Roses See a Valentine’s

Free E-book: Thomas Edison

Dear Science Colleagues: Here is a copy of the cover page of a new E-book I just finished. I am offering it “free” to teachers, educators and students. Just drop an E-mail to and an electronic

Demos and Inquiry-based Activities Your Students will Enjoy from FLINN

See this month’s fun lab activities and review science safety tips that will help you and your students explore, connect and discover science–safely. Aluminum and Copper There’s a lot of “pretty” chemistry in the reaction of aluminum wire with

West Lab Update

We are excited to announce we are soon to launch a new Westlab website! Feature packed to provide you with the ultimate customer experience! The new website is on track to come online the second week of