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Spring Will Be Here Before You Know It!

Did you know? Water resources are dwindling not only due to the increase in the global population and its urbanisation, but also as a result of increasing drought, which is a consequence of climate change. Dear Educators,

Demos and Inquiry-based Activities Your Students will Enjoy from FLINN

See this month’s fun lab activities and review science safety tips that will help you and your students explore, connect and discover science–safely. Aluminum and Copper There’s a lot of “pretty” chemistry in the reaction of aluminum wire with

Daily Deals in October from FLINN

We’ve got some great Daily Deals coming your way that you will not want to miss! Throughout the entire month of October, Flinn Scientific will offer a different Daily Deal. The Daily Deal may be slashed pricing on

New video promotes value of physics education

The Canadian Association of Physicists Foundation – dedicated to supporting and encouraging physics education in Canada – is pleased to announce the development of a series of four videos entitled “Physicists Among Us – Meet the Problem

Climate change science resource

animals at risk The complex interaction of biological traits and environmental conditions that cause a species to be susceptible to climate change and the basics of the carbon cycle are made simple and understandable through illustrations, symbols