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Free Sustainability and Climate Change Lessons

Hello, I’m reaching out personally from New Zealand to let you know about some freely available online resources on Sustainability and Climate Change that may be of interest to your members. These have been incredibly popular here

SDWF Water Test Kits Available!

Dear Educators, There are four great kits available (in both English and French) to be used in your classroom to enable your students to perform hands-on water testing of their own local drinking water (and other water

NASA Moon Rock at the Manitoba Museum

NASA Moon Rock Opens December 15, 2015 Come and learn what this real rock collected during the Apollo 17 mission tells us about the moon’s origins, and hear the harrowing tale of its journeys! And, while you’re here, visit

New Modules from Discover the Universe!

Greetings, We’ve been working hard all year to develop two new educational modules and we’re now pleased to present them to you.  Looking Up and The Solar Cycle are  available online. Workshop for teachers Winter 2017 Our

Science Activities from Flinn Scientific

Complement your lesson plan with three timely science activity write-ups described below from Flinn Scientific Canada: Chem Fax! “Mapping Atomic Structure” How big would an atom be if the nucleus were as big as a basketball?