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Dinos After Dusk August 10 • 7 pm – 11 pm Get ready for a prehistoric party! Dinos After Dusk features a night of fun including: – Guided tours to learn about what Manitoba was like during

The Manitoba Museum Wants You to be Prepared for the Solar Eclipse on August 21

DON`T MISS OUT! Winnipeg, MB (July 11, 2017): On Monday, August 21, 2017, the sun and moon will align in the daytime sky, creating a rare celestial sight: a solar eclipse. Manitobans can see a partial eclipse, but

Get Involved with Canada 2067

Canada 2067 is an initiative uniting Canadians around a new vision for youth STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) learning. We are developing an action plan and national vision for STEM learning. To do this we need

Spend a Night at the Manitoba Museum! DinoSnores – Museum offers First Public Sleepover

When the doors close, and the lights go down, what kind of adventures await you at the Manitoba Museum? Does the pliosaur come alive in the Earth History Gallery? Will the Mamenchisaurus run from the T. Rex

Canada Learning Code

Canada Learning Code will drive the development and implementation of an action plan to create 10 million meaningful technology education experiences for Canadians over the next 10 years. Through program design and delivery, strategic industry and public