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SHAD is coming to Winnipeg March 19, 20 and 21

Dear educators, Canada’s premier STEAM enrichment program is coming to Winnipeg and would love to visit your high school, to give a 20 minute presentation to your students. SHAD allows high achieving high school students the opportunity

From Pirates of the Caribbean to the Arctic to the Manitoba Museum

   It’s all about sea-faring adventures at the Manitoba Museum these days. he Nonsuch Gallery is being renewed. A team of ship rigging experts will be attending to the ropes of the Nonsuch. A curator will talk Updated!

Check out our updated and improved website: -and- Visit our licensing tab to watch an episode of Thomas Edison’s Secret Labs

MB Geological Survey Unveils “DIG IT” Card Deck

The Manitoba Geological Survey, Manitoba Mineral Resources, and our Manitoba Rocks! mineral education/awareness program, has a fun & exciting new geosciences educational learning tool we’d like to notify science teachers about — across Manitoba! I am connecting

Check out BioFuelNet

Some background info: Our children and grand-children will be faced with great challenges: dwindling fossil fuel supplies, climate change, and a growing world population with increasing energy demands.  It will become crucial that we transition to renewable