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Spend a Night at the Manitoba Museum! DinoSnores – Museum offers First Public Sleepover

When the doors close, and the lights go down, what kind of adventures await you at the Manitoba Museum? Does the pliosaur come alive in the Earth History Gallery? Will the Mamenchisaurus run from the T. Rex

Team Manitoba Successful at CWSF 2017

Student Finalists and their Delegates enjoyed the week-long Canada Wide Science Fair held at the University of Regina and would like to thank STAM donating the Team Manitoba Jackets.

Supersaturation Tower? Create a tower of sodium acetate trihydrate from a supersaturated solution. Your students’ curiosity will grow as you demonstrate the concepts of supersaturation and crystallization! Learn more » Chromatography Challenge Have your students reproduce beautiful, multicolour art

Think BIG this Summer with World’s Giant Dinosaurs at Manitoba Museum

The Manitoba Museum presents the never-before-seen World’s Giant Dinosaurs exhibit May 19 to September 4. With enormous plant-eating sauropods joining the meat-eating T. rex, this exhibit is sure to leave a BIG impression! The Manitoba Museum recently

Girls Exploring Trades and Technology (GETT) Summer Day Camp

If you have a daughter between the ages of 12 and 14 looking for something to do this summer, then GETT Camp may be the answer! RRC is offering the Girls Exploring Trades and Technology day camp