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Educators: Please Remember to Request Water Testing Kits for this spring!
To continue to provide Operation Water Drop (OWD), Operation Water Pollution (OWP) and Operation Water Biology (OWB) kits to elementary schools and high schools in your area, we will be applying for funding from corporations and other organizations. We would like to obtain an estimate of the number of educational kits desired by each school. By knowing the demand for sponsored kits in different geographic areas, we will be able to more effectively apply for appropriate funding amounts. Please forward this e-mail to any other teachers who may be interested in our kits.

We send approximately 700 sponsored educational kits to schools every school year and have sent educational kits to over 2,600 different schools and other institutions.

Request Sponsored Kits for Your Students to Use This Spring
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If your school would like kits, please visit www.safewater.org/sponsored-kit-request-form to fill out the request form (it only takes about three minutes!) and we will do our best to supply your school with sponsored kits.

If you have already requested sponsored kits this school year we have received your request and you do not need to complete the form again.
Elementary Operation Water Drop (OWD) kits make it possible for students to test their local drinking water and control water samples for 8 different components (alkalinity, ammonia, colour, copper, pH, sulphate, total chlorine, and total hardness). Then they compare their results to the Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality.

These kits are recommended for students in grades 4 to 8.
Each kit is good for a one-time use with a class of approximately 30 students.

New for the 2017-2018 school year! Teachers will be able to enter their students’ results into the Operation Water Drop Test Results Submission Website and everyone will be able to see the results from the OWD kits on a map!

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