The MAPT is holding a physics in-service on Friday Nov.17 in rm.1M21 at the UofW.
Physics Day11x14-R

The schedule is as follows:
9-10  Ticker tape timers/video physics/electric guitars
10-11  Confirmation of general relativity using the eclipse.
11-1 Lunch & UniScience Lab Equipment display
1-2 HAB-High altitude balloons
2-3 Gravity waves

There is plenty of parking around the U of W including the old bus terminal parkade (entrance off Colony Street heading south between Ellice and Portage). The day is quite inexpensive – $20 to MAPT. For insurance purposes,a participant is required to be a member of STAM – Science Teachers Association of Manitoba (MTS’s SAGE group for science). A STAM membership is an extra $20. Teachers can just show up at the U of W on the day with a cheque to MAPT for either $20 or $40. Teachers are on their own for lunch but there are many places to go at the U or around the U. There will be coffee and snacks for the morning. A Winnipeg based science supply company with products manufactured in India and China will be there to show off their very inexpensive and quality science supplies. We hope teachers will visit the Uniscience Laboratories exhibit over the lunch hour.


Michael Lukie
Assistant Professor
Faculty of Education
The University of Winnipeg
515 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 2E9

Phone: 204.786.9206