2017 Clean Tech Competition

2017 Clean Tech Competition

Challenge your students to “Create a Greener Future

Win up to $10,000!

REGISTRATION is open until March 24!
Registration continues for the 2017 Clean Tech Competition but only until March 24th! The Clean Tech Competition is a global research and design challenge for 15-18 year old students. This year’s challenge is to Create a Greener Future. 10 different countries have already registered teams and we want United Kingdom students involved as well! 10 different nations have already signed up from as far away as Singapore, South Africa and Canada; you can help continue the presence of the United States!

This educational opportunity challenges students to develop innovative, clean technology solutions to real-world issues. To Create a Greener Futuresolutions may take on aspects of buildings, materials, efficiency, indoor environmental quality or “sick buildings”, among other available topics. Student participants will gain experience with focused research, critical thinking, and the scientific process – making it a great project based learning opportunity for your students!

There is no entry fee, and students can participate through school, extracurricular programs or, on their own. Total prizes awarded will be over $30,000 and the Finalist Event will be held on at Stony Brook University, New York on Friday, July 14th.

There is no limit to the number of Teams per organization – so spread the word! Each stage of the competition is designed to be a rewarding process, and more student participation means inspiring more young scientists to help build a better future for our planet. Registration continues until 4pm EST, on Friday, March 24th and papers aren’t due until Friday, April 14th. We want students from United Kingdom and in your position within Science Teachers Association of Manitoba, you can ensure that students from your state will be in this year’s competition this year and for years to come.



For further information and to register your team, visit: