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MB Parks: Free Winter Workshop

Manitoba Provincial Parks is offering for the first time teacher workshops on outdoor educational and recreational opportunities in the winter season in our provincial parks!  Teachers will discover winter-themed classroom activities and resources for all grades, as

ASM NACE Teachers’ Camp 2015

Hello, On behalf of ASM International and NACE Foundation of Canada, I would like to invite your science teacher members to this professional development camp that is scheduled for June 15 to 19, 2015 in Calgary, AB.

Physics & Astronomy Day 2014

The Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Manitoba is pleased to announce it will be hosting a Physics & Astronomy Day 2014 event on Saturday November 29 at the Fort Garry Campus. With a

Huntsman Marine Science: Summer Courses

Sea cucumbers, seals and sea stars, oh my! During the summer of 2015, from July 20-24, the Huntsman Marine Science Centre in St. Andrews, New Brunswick is offering All Things Marine, a hands-on marine experience for teachers,

Manitoba Museum: Plesiosaur, Pirates and More!

Opening on November 14 in the Museum Gallery’s Discovery Room (until April 6), The Old Plesiosaur and the Sea: Fossil Vertebrates from the Manitoba Escarpment celebrates a spectacular plesiosaur fossil from the Manitoba Escarpment. The exhibit focuses on